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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Annie Brophy and Kilkenny

Extract taken from the Munster Express

It was very interesting to look at the photographs taken by well known Waterford Photographer Annie Brophy at the Waterford Library premises in Waterford recently. Looking at them took people back in the history of Waterford and South Kilkenny. Indeed many of the photos hanging in the beautiful settings were of South Kilkenny people. Ms Brophy took many family gathering of South Kilkenny people and indeed remembered well as a young lad going to Barker St. after making communion and confirmation Sacraments. She was a real professional and took great care in the execution of a photograph. Congratulations to all who put this great material for the general public to view.

Incidentally, South Kilkenny people are among a large number that use the Library service in Waterford. It is now a great building both inside and outside. The staff there is great and very supportive. They talk of boundary issues, It is a long time since the concept of a Kilkenny County Council funded Library centered in South Kilkenny was first made a political aspiration. It is well past its cell by date and to its credit Waterford City Council has accommodated all South Kilkenny who want to join and avail of a great service.

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