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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

SEEPP Enterprise Awards 2009: Winner Profiles

Category: Start-up

Dr David Delany and Dr Lorraine Boran, meanwhile, started Neurosynergy Games Ltd in early 2009 to commercialise IQ-EQ software - a new type of brain training software scientifically designed to improve both cognitive and emotional functioning. IQ-EQ software is the first brain trainer potentially capable of addressing both the core deficits and specific symptoms of common mental illnesses such as anxiety, depression, and schizophrenia. The IQ-EQ brain training concept (patent pending) is an innovative approach to improving intellectual and emotional capacities by targeting fundamental brain processes. The IQ-EQ brain trainer software is an integrated set of innovative brain fitness games designed to, not only “enhance the mental capacities of healthy individuals, but also potentially treat an unprecedented range of mental problems including learning, mood, anxiety, psychosis, and impulse-control disorders”.

Drs Delany and Boran have initiated a number of scientific research collaborations to investigate the effectiveness of IQ-EQ brain training in treating a range of mental disorders. David has formed a wide range of experimental collaborations to investigate the effectiveness of the program in a number of contexts including, Down syndrome, cognitive decline in old age, and nicotine addiction. They formed the company with the ambitious goal of developing paradigm-shifting, scientifically-designed software that would give anyone with access to a computer an unprecedented ability to maximize their intellectual capacities, fine-tune their emotional health, modulate their attitudes and beliefs on any topic, and enhance their capacity for self-control. “Our customisable IQ-EQ brain trainer, currently under development, is the first of a novel class of brain training software with the capacity to potentially achieve this goal”. Although the company is developing a recreational version of the game David states “our primary target is the clinical market, where we hope to position the trainer as a complement to existing treatments for mental illness”. Nuerosynergy Games are currently developing versions of the game for the PC, iPhone, and X-Box.

David has enjoyed his experience with SEEPP to a great extent “Our start-up has benefited tremendously from my participation on the SEEPP programme. The classes, mentors, networking opportunities, and class camaraderie have all contributed to a very positive and supportive experience. The postgraduate diploma gained upon successful completion is an extra bonus! I would strongly recommend SEEPP to anyone starting up a business”.

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