Dr. Bill O' Gorman, from WIT, speaking about this site on WLR

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Enterprise and Innovation Society

The EI Society has been established at Waterford institute of Technology to support students with innovative ideas, creative minds, and entrepreneurial aspirations.

The recent economic downturn has emphasised the need for regions, such as the South East, to create more home grown entrepreneurs. To do this, an entrepreneurial mindset needs to be cultivated in people as early as possible. The EI Society aims to achieve this goal, by encouraging students to think about self-employment, stimulating new student businesses and by bridging the cap between enterprise support agencies and students.

The EI Society website will offer students a platform to showcase their innovativeness and entrepreneurialism. It will also act as a hub for all news and events on campus. As such, www.eisociety.ie will become a melting pot for enterprise, creativity and action at WIT

Anyone is free to post a blog on site, as long as entries are within the overall spirit of enterprise and innovation. So, whether students want to advertise their student business, promote their club or society or show off their bands new song, the EI Society is there to give all types of enterprise a platform.

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