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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Oylegate Glenbrien A Look back in Time.

Following extract taken from the Wexford Echo, regarding the book 'Oylegate Glenbrien A Look back in Time'

Oylegate, Wexford, is a parish of outstanding achievement. It has produced All Ireland winning hurlers, Ireland's best ploughmen, a racehorse trainer of international renown, distilling experts, an inventor of agricultural implements, a Circuit Court Judge, and many others whose various talents have gone into shaping the parish.

Edermine Mills came into the possession of Marshalstown-man, Pat Tobin, and his aunt, Kate Whelan, in the early 20th century. Pat Tobin was an inventor, an untrained man with a natural talent for draughtsmanship and structural design in concrete and steel, who went into business as a building contractor and inventor of agricultural implements, most famously the hammer mill. He died in 1964 at the age of 57 years.

The book contains many other stories of a similar nature all relating to the parishes of Oylegate Glenbrien.

The original concept for the book started as a fundraising idea for the new community centre in Oylegate, following a suggestion that a short history of the national school be compiled.

The idea was discussed at an Oylegate Community Centre Committee meeting in July 2007 and the minutes of the meeting referred to the project as a 'booklet'.

But what started life as a school history booklet has grown into a fully fledged 400page book on the history of the OylegateGlenbrien area, called 'Oylegate-Glenbrien, A Look Back in Time'.

'Whilst initially the main objective was to raise funds for the community centre, it soon became apparent that the project was much bigger and more significant than a simple fundraiser,' explains Mary McCauley, Secretary of the Journal Society.

'So we formed the Oylegate-Glenbrien Journal Society; some members from Oylegate, some from Glenbrien, some native and some new, ranging in age from a mere 24 to a stately 72-years-old!'

Due to the strong connection between the Powers family and the area, Powers Whiskey (Irish Distillers Pernod Ricard) joined the venture as sponsors; along with White's Hotel, Sean Quirke of New Ireland Assurance and Practice PR & Events.

To help the project's endeavours, C&R Print in Enniscorthy kindly agreed to do the layout of the book and its printing for cost price. Renowned Irish author Roddy Doyle, who has family connections to the area, has also contributed to the volume, writing the foreword. 'We all agree that it has been one of the best committees we have worked on and one of the most enjoyable too. Our early meetings consisted of brain-storming sessions, as we sought to identify potential articles. As more and more stories came to light, we came to realise the extent of the noteworthy and remarkable history of the area. To record, as best as possible, the folklore and history of our villages and townlands became our primary objective,' said Mary.

The book committee, comprising Carmel Maher and Tom Miller (Joint Chairpersons), Mary McCauley (Secretary), James Hayden (Treasurer), Padraig McManus, Maureen Somers, Aidan Quirke, Art Bennett, John Roche and Aidan Ryan, have endeavoured to include as many of the interesting stories as possible.

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