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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Waterford Watercolours: The Granville Hotel

Residence of the Quans and Meaghers, families who made their fortune in the provision trade between Waterford and Newfoundland. Thomas Meagher became in 1843 the first Catholic mayor of Waterford since the Reformation and his son Thomas Francis Meagher, republican leader in 1848 and a general in the American Civil War, was born here in 1823. The house was bought by the stage-coach impresario Charles Bianconi, and as Cummins Hotel became an important terminus in his coaching network.

This painting is part of a collection of watercolours of Waterford by local artist John O'Regan, commissioned by Waterford Civic Trust and sponsored by local bodies and companies. This particular painting was sponsored by the Granville Hotel.

The watercolours were published in a diary for 1992,'93 and '94 after which they were donated to the municipal art collection of Waterford City Council.

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