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Monday, July 27, 2009

Website chronicling south-east innovators aims to inspire entrepreneurs

Extract taken from the Irish Examiner, published on the 21st July 2009.

BUDDING entrepreneurs are being inspired by the successful business people of the past through a new website which celebrates innovation in the south-east region.

Business mentors at the Centre for Enterprise Development and Regional Economy (CEDRE) at the School of Business, Waterford Institute of Technology, have developed southeaststories.blogspot.com, which traces the roots of the bacon, ship-building, brewing and other key industries in the region.

The site also profiles the counties of the south-east and has a host of links to agencies and groups which support enterprise and job creation in the region. CEDRE's David Coffey said it was fitting, on the week we celebrate the 40th anniversary of the first man on the moon, we look back at some of our own south-east innovators and pioneers.
"The south-east region has produced some truly enterprising and innovative people who made an enormous contribution to all walks of life. Although many of these people made a huge difference to the world around them, their contributions have not been highlighted enough.

"The aim of this site is to bring to light the many stories and tales of an enterprising place – the south-east and show appreciation and admiration for those who stepped up and made a difference. Among those we have already featured are the Jacobs, Dennys, Walton, Ryan, Brophy, Malcolmson, Penrose, Boyle and Magnier.

"We hope that those with information about the rich entrepreneurial heritage of the south-east region will share their stories on the site. We’ve already got articles about the bacon, ship building and brewing industry, but we want much more. We want to create an online museum, one which celebrates the great South-East innovators of the past and also supports and encourages pioneers of the future" Mr Coffey added.

The SEEPP programme is just one of the programmes run by CEDRE. It is aimed at those with innovative business ideas, who are considering starting a business in the south-east of Ireland.

The programme has in the past supported 140 projects – the main criteria is that the concept is innovative.

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Great idea, best of luck with it. I'll be checking back anyway to hear more stories anyway