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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Zenith of Wexford Port

At the turn of the century in around 1798, Wexford entered an age of expansion. The port was about to reach its zenith, with hundred of ships trading with lands in Africa, the Black Sea and the United States of America. Trade increases led to the growth of industries ranging from whiskey distilling to the manufacture of agricultural machinery. The population grew steadily and many new streets were constructed, while in 1851, work began on the elegant twin Churches which were to dominate the skyline.

It was also in 1800's that many of to-days important buildings were constructed, St. Peters College in 1819 to the Mechanics Institute in 1849 and the Tate School now the Municipal Buildings, in 1867. The railway reached Wexford in 1870 and was continued along the quay front by 1882. In the early years of this century, Wexford agricultural machinery companies operated branch offices in cities such as Paris and Buenos Aires.

For more info about Wexford and its history log on to wexfordweb.ie.

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