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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

101 reasons to love Waterford

Updedeise.com give their 101 reasons to love Waterford, the gateway and capital City of the South-East.

1 Waterford is the oldest city in Ireland

2 Lismore is the most beautiful town in Ireland

3 The quay in Waterford is easily the most attractive in the country

4 We have one of the best gardens in the world i.e. Mount Congreve

5 We have the most historically significant school in the country (possibly the world) in Mount Sion, founded in 1802 by none other than Edmund Rice

6 We have the best indigenous food in the country called the blaa; just magnificent and incomparable to any other type of bread product

7 Waterford Crystal, the original and still the best, everything else is just a cheap copy

8 A Waterfordian named Thomas Francis Meagher invented the tricolour Irish Flag

9 We have Europe's most significant Viking site in Woodstown, Co. Waterford

10 Waterford has 6 amazing towers still standing in the city dating back 1000 years

11 Waterford has Ireland's oldest civic building, Reginald's tower, fantastic building, 1200 years old

12 We have produced one of the world's most renowned scientists in Robert Boyle (Boyle's Law)

13 Knockeen Dolmen is the finest example of a Dolmen in Ireland

14 We have the best IT in the country, which must become a University

15 We have produced one of the greatest light opera composers of all time in William Vincent Wallace

16 Ardmore Tower is a famous ecclesiastical site founded by St. Declan (county motto: Up Declan and the Deise)

17 Stradbally is one of the most beautiful towns with one of the most beautiful beaches in the country

18 The Comeragh Mountains are a spectacular range with amazing character

19 We have some of the most amazing coast in the country from Tramore to Ardmore and beyond; must be driven to be believed!

20 We have some of the best hurlers and hurling in the country

21 Garrarus is an amazing untouched beach that has to be visited

22 Tramore beach is a fantastic 4 mile beach with a huge back strand

23 The sand hills in Tramore are the best example of Sand Dunes in the country

24 Gaulstown Dolmen is another fabulous Dolmen that is very accessible and well maintained, you can actually sit inside it and make a wish

25 We have the best slang in the country, so we do boy (just check out the slang section on the site)

26 We have the magic hill, which defies gravity; an amazing phenomenon

27 We have the beautiful Mahon Falls, very accessible and very beautiful

28 We have the amazing Com Seangan for all you hill walkers, this is a sight to behold!!!

29 We have the Metal Man protecting ships from our coast, the only one in the country…

30 We have some of the oldest pubs in the country (e.g. T&H Doolan’s)

31 We have some of the best restaurants in the country (critically acclaimed)

32 We have a brilliant night life in the city with late bars and night clubs galore

33 We have a the lovely public People's Park with facilities for the little ones

34 The town from Johnstown & Michael Street to Barronstrand St. & O'Connell Street (long old walk)

35 Abbeyside Reference Archives

36 We have a lovely clock tower on the quay in the city

37 We have the biggest and most accessible port in the country

38 We have the island on the river with the beautiful Waterford Castle situated on it

39 We have produced the country's finest magician in Keith Barry

40 We have produced amazing soccer talent in the likes of Beglin and O'Shea

41 We have the best street festival in the country, Spraoi, on the August bank holiday weekend

42 We have Ireland's fastest flowing river

43 We have the Suir valley railway so that people can appreciate the beauty of the valley

44 The Knockmealdowns mountain range present a fantastic spin in The Vee drive

45 Mount Mellary is a very famous and equally beautiful grotto and monastery

46 We have the best 2 chippers in Ireland, Cunninghams & Johnnie Walkers

47 We have the finest 18th century ecclesiastical building in Ireland (Christ Church Cathedral)

48 We have coined the best phrases e.g. by hook or by crook and pay through the nose

49 The amazing Copper Coast

50 Tourin House & Gardens are contained on a 17th century estate 3 miles south of Cappoquin

51 The Kilmac viaduct with spectacular view and beautiful picnic area

52 Lismore Castle and the grounds are a must see

53 The city walls and 3 towers on castle street are amazing to see in a modern city

54 The Granary (Waterford Treasures) Museum is a internationally acclaimed museum

55 Passage East has an amazing view

56 Woodstown is a lovely beach with beautiful forestry nearby

57 Dunmore is brilliant for the craic and the summer festivals

58 Sauleens a different beach experience, sand for miles

59 Newtown has a great view for parking ;)

60 Kilfarassy has character abounding

61 Kilmurrin a lovely little beach, captures the sun in an unbelievable way

62 Annestown, the only town in Ireland without a pub, has a wonderful beach

63 Boatstrand a lovely beach with great fishing nearby and a pier for the kids to jump off

64 Bonmahon, great beach for camping and caravan holidays

65 Clonea, yet another lovely beach

66 Fornaught, Portally, Rathmoylan, Ballymacaw, Whiting Bay, Creaden, Ballydwan, Ballyvornay… did I mention we had beaches…

67 Crubeens (from Rockett's)

68 Greyfriars, a ruin in the city centre that you could spend the day just looking at

69 The very fine Theatre Royal

70 Waterford City shopping

71 We have BlackFriars just opposite city square, hidden in the city, what other city has so many sites that they can be ignored like this

72 Towers in Lismore is an amazing sight!

73 The view from Helvic Head

74 The lovely town of Dungarvan

75 Driving across the bridge after being away on holidays (the bridge of emotions)

76 Stalling yungwans behind the glass

77 The great history of soccer in Waterford, the legends of the past and the recent successes

78 The excellent golf courses of the Deise, from Dunmore East to Lismore

79 Dog racing in Kilcohan, an alternative Saturday night

80 Tramore Racecourse, excellent events

81 The Light Opera Festival, a brilliant alternative to the flicks!

82 TrĂ¡ Fest

83 Fresh water angling on the Suir and Blackwater, and the various lakes and reservoirs

84 Sea angling off the coast from Dunmore to Dungarvan and beyond

85 An Rinn, Waterford's Gaeltacht; out of this world!

86 Downes No. 9, still blended in the 200 year old pub!

87 John Robert's architecture in City Hall and the two Cathedrals (which are quite different)

88 The square named after the man (a lovely open city centre)

89 Rally Connection in Dungarvan - Great for rally driving and off road karting

90 Ardmore Diving based in the village of Ardmore. The enclosed bay offers ideal conditions for sheltered inshore diving

91 West Waterford Monastic Trail - Ardmore - Clashmore - Molana Abbey - Knockanore - Tallow Glencairn Abbey - Lismore - Mount Melleray - Dungarvan

92 Walking Trails - River Brickey Walk, Colligan Walk, Cruachan Walk, Famine Walk, An Coinigear Walk, Helvick Head Walk, The Ardmore Cliff Walk to name but a few.

93 Dungarvan Museum

94 Mothel Abbey (13th c.) near Rathgormack

95 Hullabaloo International Childrens Festival

96 The Galley cruise on the Suir (wow!)

97 On the Comeragh Mountains & Nire Valley Drive are the standing stones, fulachta fiadh (cooking pits) and cairns around Kilbrien, and Knockboy Ogham Stones near the village.

98 The Harrison Megalithic Tomb is a noted pre-historic monument near Killea on the East Waterford Gaultier Coast Drive

99 Curraghmore Estate, Portlaw. The Home of Lord Waterford

100 Waterford has the best county pride website in the country - www.UpTheDeise.com ;)

101 Dat's de why!

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