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Thursday, December 24, 2009

The Big Day Out

With the season thats in it I thought the following story gives an indication of the great generosity and kindness that has existed in Waterford and the South-East over the centuries.

From 1928 to 1944 the local trades council and the employers of Waterford organised a yearly outing for deprived children from Waterford to Tramore by rail that became known as the 'Poor Children's Outing'. In Waterford at this time a lot of factories had closed down and there was a lot of poverty and unemployment in the city. Children from poor families would never visit Tramore.

The children going on the outing arrived outside the Courthouse grounds at half past eight - often there would be up to 2, 000 children. The children were lined up in groups and each was given a piece of cardboard with his or her name and address on it and this was attached with a safety pin.

Promptly at half past ten the mayor in his robes, the councillors and the Barrack Street Band arrived. The children moved in a procession up Catherine Street, along the Mall with the Barrack Street Band in front, followed by Mayor and councillors until they reached the special train waiting in Manor Street Station.

All the children taken to the seaside at Tramore left with happy memories. During the outing in 1930, huge amounts of food were consumed including; 420lbs of Ham, 282 long pans, 1,700 rock buns, 40 tins of sweets, 3,300 apples, seven stones of sugar and 40 gallons of milk.

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