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Friday, October 23, 2009

Waterford Watercolours: City Hall

Built in 1788 by local architect John Roberts as the citizens' assembly rooms and theatre, this fine building has housed the municipal offices since 1813. Above the entrance is the city's coat of arms. The shield is charged with three lions and three galleys and supported by a lion and a dolphin. The crest is a lion supporting an Irish harp, and the motto is Urbs Intacta manet Waterfordia. The lions commemorate Waterford's historic independence of all feudal overlords save the monarch, and the galleys and dolphins symbolise her importance in maritime trade.

This painting is part of a collection of watercolours of Waterford by local artist John O'Regan, commissioned by Waterford Civic Trust and sponsored by local bodies and companies. This particular painting was sponsored by Waterford City Council.

The watercolours were published in a diary for 1992,'93 and '94 after which they were donated to the municipal art collection of Waterford City Council.

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