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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Waterford Watercolours: Scotch Quay

In this peaceful and forgotten corner of Waterford City St. John's River, after meandering northwards from Kilbarry along the eastern flank of the medieval city, enters the Suir. We look past the crane and buoys and across the river to the woods that border the north (Kilkenny) bank at this point. Nearby are the premises of the Waterford Boat Club, the oldest sporting organisation in the city, established in 1878.

This painting is part of a collection of watercolours of Waterford by local artist John O'Regan, commissioned by Waterford Civic Trust and sponsored by local bodies and companies. This particular painting was sponsored by The Reginald.

The watercolours were published in a diary for 1992,'93 and '94 after which they were donated to the municipal art collection of Waterford City Council.

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